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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2018



Many contact lens wearers wonder if makeup is safe to use while wearing contacts. It certainly is!  Make sure you keep your contacts and eyes safe by following some useful tips:


  1. Put your contacts in AFTER eye makeup application


    This is especially true when lining the eye, especially the waterline, applying mascara, or anything including eyeshadow fallout. Although it is tempting to see perfectly clearly when doing your makeup, this increases the chance of fallout sticking to your contacts and damaging them or slowly irritating your eye with each blink through the day.


 2. Take your contacts out BEFORE removing eye makeup


    Make sure your contacts are removed before eye makeup removal. When you remove your eye makeup, usually the oils from the remover get inside the eye and the eye makeup slides around, risking mascara fibers or eyeshadow or liner particles to stick to the contact. Additionally, when you rub your eyes with the cotton pad or makeup wipe, that may also move around your contacts under your lid and displace them from your iris, risking them getting stuck uncomfortably elsewhere on your eye.


    3. When applying eyeshadow, do not rub your eyes too hard.


When applying shadow primer or eye shadow, it is tempting to blend furiously with that brush or finger- don’t ! Be delicate with your eyes, as you risk irritating the delicate eye area and moving your contacts around under your closed lid.

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