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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2015

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Whiten Teeth At Home Naturally DIY

December 13, 2017






This is an affordable and great way to whiten your teeth



To start with you will need;

  • 100% Raw Organic Coconut Oil – I’m sure a lot of you heard about the “Oil Pulling” technique where you simply swoosh a tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth for around 5-10 minutes. This is an excellent oral detoxification procedure. Because coconut oil has amazing anti-bacterial properties, it helps remove bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums. The coconut oil works by literally sucking out the dirt and bacteria out of your mouth leaving you with a clean and septic oral environment. Not to mention it’s a great cost effective and fast way to naturally whiten teeth at home.

Some of the benefits of using coconut oil in this way are:

– Cures tooth decay and prevents cavities

– Helps whiten teeth

– Kills bad breath



  • Baking Soda – with a natural abrasive it helps to remove plaque, polish and clean your teeth and naturally whiten teeth. Baking soda also has natural antibacterial activity which prevents tooth decay.


  • Tea Tree Oil – This essential oil has been used as a general antiseptic for thousands of years. It helps fight infectious microorganisms that destroy tissues in the mouth, cause plaque, receding gums and tartar deposits.  It also gives a nice fresh scent and flavor to the toothpaste, giving you a fresh breath and that clean feeling




To make 1.5 ounces of toothpaste use 8 tablespoons of the 100% raw coconut oil .

Microwave the coconut oil for 10 seconds and stir - keep doing this until the oil liquefies (you will need to do this to ensure all products are mixed together properly).




Once you get the coconut oil in a liquid consistency like this image above you will need to give it a sir for at least 2 minutes  to activate the particles and make the other ingredients blend well together.



I then added the same amount of baking soda (8 tablespoons) to the melted coconut oil and stirred together for 3 minutes until you can see the ingredients have been well mixed. You then want to add 4 drops of the tea tree oil and stir again for another 2 minutes.




Once the mixture is well blended together you can deposit it into small storage pots like these. I just used my old eye cream pots and poured the mixture in these pots. You then can put this mixture aside as when the mixture cools to room temperature it will solidify because the coconut oil solidifies at room temperature.


And that is it guys! A really simple but effective DIY way to naturally whiten teeth at home! Its cheap, effective and really good for your teeth long term. Not to mention it’s completely natural


If you try it please let me know how it works for you.  Contact me and share your thoughts!

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