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10 Do's & Don'ts for getting ready the Morning of your wedding!

The morning of your wedding is part of the wedding day fun and you probably picture you, your family and bridesmaids sipping on Mimosa's and enjoying a relaxing, pampering time. This is absolutely possible, but it does take some planning.

1. Do have a timeline.

Having a timeline makes the day run smoothly. Just remember to be flexible - if someone is supposed to be getting their hair done but someone else is there and ready to go don't get caught up - as long as someone is always working towards being finished you are in good shape.

2. Do try to get your girls dresses a week before and have them all pressed and ready to go.

Many of your girls will be traveling to your wedding - bridesmaids dresses can become wrinkled messes when traveling. Have each girl send you her dress a week ahead of time and have them pressed for them. Having all of the girls dresses wrinkle free and beautiful will add to the beauty of your pictures and people will not be running around the morning of trying to get the wrinkles out of their dresses.

3. Do have plenty of food for your bridal party.

Bridesmaids are a hungry bunch. They have traveled, purchased dresses thrown showers and attended bachlorette parties, etc. Make sure you have a nice spread available for them. You can pre-order from any local deli or restaurant. Do not send your bridesmaids out to get food, spend that time together relaxing and having fun.

4. Don't drink too much.

2 drinks per person is a good rule of thumb. Of course the cheers photo-op is a great picture and Bellini's or Mimosa's add to the festive feel, but keep it to a minimum and don't allow anyone to go overboard.

5. Do have a good playlist.

You can download a great wedding day playlist or have one of your bridesmaids put one together. Just make sure the music is easy to listen to and upbeat!

6. Do make sure there are enough outlets.

Bring some power strips - everyone will have phones to charge, there will be blow-dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc. Make sure you have extension cords as well!

7. Don't forget your emergency kit.

Make sure you put together an emergency kit with clear nail polish, band-aids, aspirin, hairspray, tampons/sanitary napkins, needle and thread - you never know what might pop up - being prepared will make any emergency a piece of cake!

8. Do remember take a few minutes and thank your bridesmaids.

Be sure to tell your family and friends how much you appreciated their love and support and thank them for being part of your special day. Give the bridesmaids their gifts. If having everyone in robes or shirts hand them out the night before so everyone can put them on in the morning,

9. Don't get ready in too small of a space.

Make sure there is plenty of room for your bridal party to relax and spread out while getting ready. If you are getting ready in a hotel room, think about renting a suite. If you are getting ready in your home - think about moving some furniture around to make the getting ready area as spacious as possible,

10. Don't forget to be in the moment.

This day is going to fly by. Make sure you don't sweat the small stuff and really try to be in the moment. Try to stay off your phones and spend the morning with the people in the room instead of texting with those who are not there, ask your bridesmaids to do the same! You are making memories and everyone should participate and be fully present.

If you live in Central or Northern NJ and would like to schedule a bridal trial or wedding makeup, please contact us.

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