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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2015

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Bridesmaids top 5 gripes Brides should know

July 12, 2017

So you have asked family and friends to be part of your wedding party, what an honor.  Also know, what an expense.  Here are the top 5 bridesmaid's pet peeves and how you can avoid them.




1. Each girl will have a different budget and you should be aware of it - yes it is YOUR wedding, but it is THEIR pocketbook, so be considerate and ask each girl before hand what they are comfortable spending on a dress.  Try to work closer to the lower end of the budget.


2.  Each girl also has her own figure and every girl wants to feel pretty in a dress she is spending money on.  Don't pick a dress that doesn't flatter all of your bridesmaids.  If you are having trouble finding one style to flatter all, stick with a color and allow each girl to pick her own dress.  This will make for happy bridesmaids and a beautiful wedding party.  Same goes for shoes, each girls feet are different and they should get shoes that feel comfortable on their feet.


3.  Provide a nice spread while the girls are getting ready.  Bagels, wraps and snacks are a must.  Mimosas or a little bubbly make for a party atmosphere.  


4.  Invite her with a plus-one!  Between the bridesmaids dress, shower, bachelorette party, envelope stuffing, favor making, etc. she has been a good sport!  You want your wedding to be remembered as the best party ever! Making sure she has a date even if; they don't live together, are only dating a short time or she's single right now.  This will ensure she has a great time. 


5.  If you are not going to pay for hair and makeup do not insist each girl get their hair and makeup done.  Treating your girls to hair and makeup is a wonderful way to pamper them and thank them for all they have done for you.  It also ensures that all of YOUR wedding pictures look fabulous.  


If you are getting married in NJ and would like us to do your wedding makeup or makeup for a special occasion, please contact us.

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