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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2015

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10 Makeup Mistakes that Age you

June 14, 2017


 Mistake #1 - Wearing the wrong foundation.  Either the wrong color or the wrong formula.  Foundation is only meant to even out your skin tone.  Use as light a weight foundation as can do the job and make sure it perfectly matches your skin on your neck.


Mistake #2 - Using too much under eye concealer.  to conceal under eye circles, first color correct then conceal.  Concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation color.  By color correcting first you will need to use less concealer.


Mistake #3 - Using the wrong powder.  Yes powder is essential and sets your foundation and allows your blush to glide on perfectly.  Choose a luminescent powder that has light reflecting properties to give you a youthful glow.


Mistake #4 - Wearing black eyeliner, especially on your inner rim/waterline.  Thick eyeliner closes the eye and ages you.  Try using a gray or navy and line just the outter corners top and bottom, then smudge to soften the line.  


Mistake #5 - Wearing too dark of a lip color.  As we mature our lips thin.  Wearing a dark lip color will enhance all the wrong things.  Instead opt for a pop of color in a softer, fresher hue.


Mistake #6 - Not filling in your eyebrows.  As we age our brows thin and become sparse.  Brows frame the face and lift the eye, ot filling them in is a definiate face ager.


Mistake #7 -  Using too dark of an eyebrow color.  The color of your brows should match the LIGHTEST tone of your hair color. Use a powder with fibers to give your brows some fullness. 


Mistake #8 - Not using enough blush or the right tone.  Blush is essential to giving you a youthful glow.  Applying it just on the cheekbones and apples of the cheek will instantly lift your face.


Mistake #9 - Not matching your blush to your lipstick.  If you are wearing a pink lipstick, your blush should also be a pink hue.  Berry lip, berry blush.  This will make your makeup look more sophisticated and coordinated.


Mistake #10 - Putting your blush on before your lipstick,  Lipstick is the jewelry on the face and should give your face a lift and pop.  If you put your blush on prior to putting on your lipstcik, chances are you are going to over do it .  Blush and highlighter, if appropriate, should be the last things to go on the face.



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