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March 22, 2018

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5 Concealer Tips for Flawless Skin

April 5, 2017

Correct use of correctors and concealers is the key to getting flawless results from your makeup.  These 5 tips make all the difference in a flawless makeup application.


1. Apply your foundation and then your concealer.


When you apply your foundation first you will cover up some of the discoloration and will need a lot less concealer than if you do it the other way around.  Concentrate around your eyes and the smile lines around your mouth.   TIP - to create the illusion of plumper lips apply it to the center of your lip and go over with nude lipgloss.


2. How to apply Concealer under your eyes


Apply in an upside-down triangle with the point towards your cheek.  tap the concealer with your ring finger until blended - do not pull or drag the concealer and only tap until it appears blended.


3. Use the right color concealer for the job


If you have dark circles, use a peachy concealer.  If you are red or pink under your eyes, use a mint concealer.  some faces require several shades of concealers/correctors.  Yellow is good to brighten under the eyes and can be used in the corner, while the corrective color is used on the other areas.


4. Blot with a tissue


After you are all blended and happy with the way your skin looks, use a tissue and gently press it against the conc