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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2015

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6 Beauty Trends that Must Die in 2016

September 15, 2016

We all want beautiful, flawless skin - the key word here is skin, not makeup.  Some of the makeup trends that have taken off like the Concorde but must crash and burn, like the Hindenberg, are in no particular order...


1. Extreme contour and highlighting




Foundation is supposed to even out our skin-tone and make your skin look flawless, not as if you are wearing a mask.  We all see people walking around with brown stripes all over their faces.  If you want to contour your face - there is a correct, natural way to do it - extreme contouring is not done by the worlds best makeup artists for fashion shoots with Vogue magazine - so don't you do it either.


2, Severe highlighting under the brow bone




They say everything comes back - well lets hope this one stays in the 80's where it belongs.  Placing a severe shimmer highlight under your brow bone is harsh, dated and works more like a stop-light than a highlight.


3.  Strobing




Highlighting the face is a beautiful thing,  Putting severe shimmery white lines is quite another.


4. Baking



Baking your makeup is putting a huge amount of powder under your eyes to set the concealer.  In my opinion this method makes the skin look unnatural and dried out - of course you want to set your makeup - but you still want it to look natural.  Set your makeup with the lightest dusting of powder - especially under your eyes.


5. Overdrawn lips





There are lots of tricks makeup artists use to make your lips appear larger - over-lining is not one of them. 


6.  Too dark of a lip-liner




Again, there are many tricks you can use to make your lips appear bigger - this dark lip-liner trend needs to be shipped back to the 90's ASAP


What are some of the makeup trends you would be happy to see perish in 2016?  If you would like to learn how to do your makeup the right way book a makeup lesson with me and let me show you how to highlight what is beautiful about your face in a soft and natural way.

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