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How to Prepare for & Get the Most from your NJ Bridal Trial

bride getting makeup

Your pre-wedding bridal trial is a very exciting time. It can however also be frustrating if the make-up does not look how you expected it to. Here are some of my tips to avoid frustration and enjoy the process.

Preparing for your makeup trial

Exfoliate your skin the night before and apply a moisturizing mask to hydrate your skin. This is a great homemade exfoliator gentle enough for all skin types.

Wear a white or ivory top to reflect a similar tone to what you will be wearing on your special day. Makeup looks different with white - white reflects color where as black absorbs it Makeup also shows up a lot more when you wear white. To get a true idea of how you will look, wearing white or Ivory is must for your makeup trial.

Please bring examples of makeup looks you like (and don’t like) as we can use them to discuss and decide the look you wish to achieve.

If you have already decided on how you will be wearing your hair on the day, it would be helpful if you could bring a photo or pictures to the trial.

Please do not get waxed 3 days or less before the trial. Makeup does not adhere well to waxed skin. I highly recommend getting tweezed or threaded rather than waxed.

Try not to be too tan. Makeup does not look great on very tanned skin and very tanned skin does not photograph well. Look through your bridal magazines - how many tanned models do you see?

Also think about whitening your teeth - you will be smiling A LOT on your wedding day and white teeth make a HUGE difference in your photos and appearance.

What to expect at the trial.

Everyone wants to look in the mirror and go "WOW" the first time their makeup or hair is done. Most of the time this is exactly what we experience as artists and it always makes us happy. However there are occasions when a bride is just not sure. It’s very different having someone else do your makeup or hair and it might take you a while to get used to it or you may not like what you thought you would. Our first tip is being honest with your artist. Look at the makeup in different mirrors or lighting – think about things you love and things you’re not so sure of and tell the artist. This way they can adjust the look so that you love what you see. A good makeup artist will never take it personally or be insulted, they will understand that it is your opinion that matters and work to make you happy and achieve the look you've been hoping for.

Preparing for your hair trial

As with the makeup trial pictures are essential and convey thousands of words :) Make sure you have a few styles that you like in case one does not work with your hair. Sometimes people do not realize how much hair (many times extensions) are in the up-dos they choose.

Please wash and dry your hair the day before and do not flat-iron your hair. Hair that is flat-ironed will not hold a curl. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

Above all relax. Sounds simple but its completely normal to feel overwhelmed and a little stressed as you plan your wedding. As we all know stress can play havoc with your skin, so try to meditate if you are dealing with added stress and drink plenty of water. Just remember if you do wake up the morning of your wedding with a breakout, your make-up artist always knows how to conceal it!

For more information, or to schedule bridal make-up or hair services, please contact us to schedule a makeup trial.

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