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How to pick the perfect foundation.

Most Common Foundation Mistakes

The number one mistake women make when choosing foundation is selecting a shade that is too dark and they end up looking like they are wearing a mask. If you want to get more wear from your foundation, you should use a primer. It makes applying foundation smoother and last longer. Putting on foundation isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t necessarily intuitive. You can use a damp Beauty Blender. Foundation is meant to cover problem spots on your face, not coat it from ear to ear. Place foundation in the center of your face blending it out to the jaw line. Start light and build to the coverage you love. You can always add more!

How To Choose the Right Foundation for your Skin

The single most important part of your makeup is your foundation. If that is wrong everything else you put on will also look wrong. Choosing the right one is something of a mystery to many women, Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right foundation for your skin:

  • Choose a yellow based or neutral foundation rather than a pink based one, Pink based foundations look artificial on the skin and just about every skin tone has yellow in it.

  • Pick a foundation that matches your skin type. Oily, dry, and combination skin types are the most common. Today many foundations are also skin care - selecting the one that works best with your skin will go along way to making your skin look amazing.

  • You have to put it on your jawline. The hand or forearm will not do unless that is where you will be wearing the foundation.

  • Apply an opaque vertical stripe a fingertip width wide along the jaw line closer to your ear than lips. This area is the truest shade of your skin. Also, the shade should disappear at the jawline. Many times your neck is lighter than your face, especially if you have rosacea. You have to match your neck, not your face. REPEAT - you must match the foundation to your neck - always.

  • Foundation gets darker as is oxidizes throughout the day. If deciding between 2 shades always go for the lighter one,

  • Always test in good lighting. One reason you’re not satisfied with your makeup is because you put it on under one kind of light, and wear it in another type of light. To solve this problem, test in one type of lighting, then go to another room with different lighting and if your foundation still looks the same, you’ve got it right! Many women purchase foundation at the makeup counters in the mall or another box store, which we all now has that awful florescent lighting! Try to step outside if you can with a mirror to see what is looks like in bright day-light. Or better yet come in and let me select it for you!

  • Remember that foundation has one goal and one goal alone, to even out your skin-tone and make your skin appear flawless. It is not intended to give you a tanned look or change the color of your skin. Always make sure your foundation matches your neck by your ear - always. (Do you think I am trying to hammer home a point here?)

  • Lastly you must set your foundation (you know the one that matches your neck perfectly) with powder so it lasts throughout the day. Look for July 20th's blog all about powder to help you choose the right one!

Want help selecting your perfect foundation or want to get a makeup lesson? Give me a call and let me show you how great your skin can look!

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