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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2015

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6 Reasons NJ Brides should hire a Professional Makeup Artist

May 4, 2016



Here's why, if you're getting married, no matter how small your wedding or budget, you need to hire a professional makeup artist.


You need to feel special


There's lots of pampering  before the big day. Facials, nails, spray-tanning and waxing.threading, but on the actual day you need to feel stress-free and pampered. This is the one day and most likely the last day you will be the absolute center of attention. (unless of course you're Taylor Swift)


It gives you a chance to stop for a minute


On the day of your wedding, you will more than likely be running around with last minute changes, phonecalls, dealing with schedules, bridesmaids, mothers and wedding planners, so when it's your turn for hair and makeup you get to stop, relax and ignore all the background noise. I often find this is the time my brides reflect what's about to happen and the time when it suddenly feels real to them.




Your makeup has to last throughout the day. So unless you have all the products and skill to make that happen then be prepared for disappointment. I'm talking smudge-free everything, waterproof everything, primers for lips, eyes and face plus setting sprays, powders and mattifyers and the skill and knowledge to apply these flawlessly. 




Your wedding pictures will be your memory of this special day and you want to look your most beautiful, while still looking like you.  A professional makeup artist with lots of experience can apply makeup so it is camera friendly with no bounce back  We know which fornula's and products will work for todays hi-definition film. 




You are investing in a photographer and should invest in making sure you look your absolute best in those photos.  The cost for a professional makeup artist is a very small portion of your all over wedding budget and since your face is front and center on your wedding day make sure you budget for a professional makeup artist.




Have you ever tried putting on false lashes by yourself. I rest my case. See my previous blog post about how to choose the perfect lashes for your New Jersey wedding day!



There's my top 6 reasons.  Can you add to the list?  If you would like to schedule a makeup trial for your wedding day contact me and I would be happy to show you how a professional makeup artist makes all the difference!

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