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So it’s the beginning of March 2016 already. Perhaps you’re already thinking about spring and your summer holidays and getting excited about the possibilities ahead for 2016.

I have been doing my research and wanted to fill you in on the top 10 BIGGEST MAKEUP TRENDS FOR 2016. Some are carried over from last year but some will be completely new to you, so here goes!

1. Big Brows

Yes big brows are here to stay! I personally love this trend. If you need more tips on how to achieve gorgeous big brows and what prodcuts to use check out my other brow blogs and come in to see me for a quick brow lesson!

2. Modern Mermaid

This is the fashion worlds term for even more luminous skin this year. If you are familiar with strobing, this is strobing kicked up a notch - it is not for everyone or everyday, but a night out on the town or a party this is a fun, very trendy look.

3. Sun Stripping

This is a new one and it basically involves taking bronzer right across the nose and cheeks to achieve this ‘sun strip’ effect. It’s extreme and definitely not for everyone, right on trend for 2016. Personally I would leave this one for the runways.

4. Nude / Cherry Lips

Lips are nude and cherry red this year. Come in and let me show you how to create a nude lip that is dimensional and pretty.

5. The Blue Eye

Blue eyeshadow is back in fashion this spring. This is apparently going to be a huge trend. Try experimenting with different blue eyeshadow palettes or simply switch to a blue mascara (which makes eyes look extra white) for a bit of fun.

6. Sunset Eyes

Sunset eyes means pastel colours on the eyes in the color of a sunset - corals, pinks, golds.

7. 90’s Liner

This is so easy, as it doesn’t need to be perfect. Simply apply close to the lashes all around the eye and then blend with a chisel blush.

8. The Colour Block Eye

This is where you square off your eyeshadow rather than blending it through so use hard brush not fluffy to get that unblended, squared off effect. I am not a huge fan of this but it was popular on the runways and is trending for Spring.

9. Lash It Up

Yes big lashes are here to stay and the bigger the better. Try my 4-in-1 mascara for maximum glamour. Flase lashes are wonderful - try experimenting, individuals, demi's, full and change up your look!

10. Glitter!!!

Glitter is huge this year! Apply to the centre of eyes with a clear lip gloss underneath or try a glitter eyeliner. You can use glitter on top of blush or extended out from the eye. Glitter for the right occasion and the right application can be loads of fun!

I am a Professional Makeup Artist based in Morganivillle, NJ and I offer the following services:




For more info please feel free contact me at or @ 732-766-3901

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