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March 22, 2018

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December 26, 2015

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To Tan or Not To Tan - THAT is the Question for New Jersey Brides

February 3, 2016









Many Brides ask me if they should tan or not before their wedding day.  While I do understand not wanting to look pasty white in your wedding gown, unless it is a LIGHT, NATURAL tan I suggest you skip tanning.  Tanning beds are very harmful to the skin and even one exposure dramatically increases your risk of skin cancer. 



If you look in any bridal magazine you will not see tanned models, because tanned skin does not photograph as well or look as beautiful in photos as a natural skin tone.  We have all seen people who have gotten a spray tan only to end up looking like Jessica in the photo above - orange! You do not want to look back on your wedding pictures and be disappointed.  New Jersey Brides always want to look their best and being smart about when and how to tan can only benefit you.



I suggest if you are even thinking about getting a spray tan that you try it out - the exact one by the exact person who will do it on your wedding day - months ahead of time - and even then go just once and get a very light color.  No matter how "natural" they claim it will look, experience has taught me it never does - and as a makeup artist trying to match orange skin for your wedding day is next to impossible. It is not a natural color so everything we do will go against what we should be doing.



I know many people LOVE to tan, especially with all of our gorgeous NJ beaches and the darker the better - it certainly is your choice of course, but if you ask any makeup artist worth their weight in salt they will tell you to forgo the tan, stick with your natural skin tone and allow the artist to enhance what is beautiful about your face and give you a stunning look for your wedding day!  Save the tanning for your honeymoon :)



Will you stick with your natural color or will you try out a spray tan?  Schedule a trial and let me show you how gorgeous your own skin coloring can look!  Contact me if you have any questions!



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