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5 Special Ways to Thank The Important people on Your Wedding Day!

Beyond getting pampered with makeup and hair on your wedding day, you want to make this day special for all involved. Below are some suggestions to make this day a sentimental one and everyone feel appreciated and treasured. If sentimentality is simply not your thing, you can still do this with your own personality leading the way - each note can be a full representation of who you are, be it funny, creative, thoughful, reflective, etc. - whatever feels right to you should be what guides you. Including photo's in your notes adds a special touch, allows people to see the thought and effort you put into each personalized note, and brings back instant memories while making new ones!

1. Write a thank you note to your parents/family. Sharing favorite memories and letting the special people in your life know you appreciate them makes the day even more sentimental and touching.

2. What is your favorite memory about each of your bridesmaids? What makes them important to you, something funny, crazy, touching - share with them why having them in your Bridal party made the journey to the alter that much better!

3. Don't forget the littlest members of your wedding party. Taking a picture of a flower girl in your wedding shoes, holding your boquet or trying on your wedding ring and giving it to her on her wedding day is a wonderful gift she will treasure. Taking a picture of the ring bearer in the grooms bow-tie and jacket will be a priceless gift later on their own wedding day. Keep the picture a secret and don't share it with anyone, what a great surprise it will be to all!

4. Your joining a new family, make sure to include them in your sentimental journey. Even if the planning has been less than ideal, a thoughtful note telling them you are looking forward to being a part of their family will go a long way to heal any hurts and celebrate this day together. Make a promise to yourself to put any perceived slights or anger behind you and remember these people made the person you love and are going to marry. Forgiveness lightens your load more than theirs - glide down the aisle as light as you can.

5. Last, but certainly not least, write a note to your soon to be husband or wife. Reminiscing about how you met, what your first thoughts were, when you knew you wanted to share your lives together and your hopes and dreams for the future will be a fun thing to look back on in the years ahead and see how far you've come together. Imagine someday sharing that note with your children on their wedding day.

Being the Bride is a wonderful thing and you will set the tone for your own wedding day more than anyone else. Keeping things fun and light, letting things roll off your back and including family and friends will make for a wonderful celebration. The glow people see will be far more than just perfect Bridal Makeup. Have a professional makeup artist helps make the day run smoothly and ensure you will look the way you want to. Contact me if you would like to come in for a bridal makeup trial.

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