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5 Anti-Aging Makeup Tips!

As you age Makeup can be your best friend and can make you look so much younger if you use the correct products and techniques. I will describe what you should be doing in each area of your face to make your face look younger and more youthful. Meryl Streeps makeup artist nailed it in this picture and you can too!

1. EYES - As you mature eye-makeup is a MUST. Eyes tend to lose their natural contours and sink back into the face. Lashes tend to get sparse, brows thin and dark circles emerge. Using eye-makeup to enhance the eyes and lashes is essential. Avoid using metallic or to shimmery shadows as well as too matte, chalky shadows. Shade that have a slight lumonisty towards them are best. Looking straight ahead in the mirror place the contour color on the bone of the eye and work up and out - blending well. DO NOT PLACE SHADOW IN THE SOCKET - it will push your eye further back into your head! Keep the lid light and soft, but not chalky. Line the base of the lashes (this will feel odd but is so worth it) to create thicker looking lashes. Curl your lashes, apply several coats of mascara concentrating on the roots (you want thick lashes - NOT long think ones).

2. BROWS - See my previous blogs posts about the great brow products I offer and the correct brow-shape for your face. Powder is great for a natural, soft look. If you have really sparse brows or over-plucked them, the felt tip pen is the answer. NEVER us black even if your hair is black. Also do not use a chestnut/red color (very unnatural). BROWS ARE IMPORTANT - DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR BROWS!

3. FACE - Keep it light and luminous. Young skin handles matte makeup beautifully, Mature skin needs dewiness and light! BLEND THE MAKEUP DOWN YOUR NECK. Set your makeup with a luminous powder so you have a healthy glow. Use a little bronzer on the face so you give it back some warmth - not all over but strategically placed on the face.

4. LIPS - lipstick is so important in creating a youthful glow in the face and nothing will brighten and give more life to the face than lipstick. Lips thin as we age so they definitely need definition with a lip-liner. Also a plumping gloss is great - put it on about 10 minutes befoe you start your makeup - giving it time to work. By the time you reach this point in your makeup your lips will be nicely plumped. AVOID too dark lips and violet/pale pinks - they literally suck the life out of your face Instead opt for a pop of color, that is suited for your skin one of course.

You can see how this lipstick ages Brooke - a better choice would have been a pop of color!

5. CHEEKS - Blush should always match your lipstick, choose your lipstick first then the perfect blush to match - apply according to your face shape - either on the apples for long thin faces or on the cheekbone for fuller faces - or both depending on your needs.

Makeup will help you to age gracefully and beautifully. If you are unsure what products are right for you or what color best impart a youthful glow call to schedule a makeup lesson in my Marlboro NJ Makeup Studio and I will teach you! Contact me today to set up your appointment - you will be happy you did!

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